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The Partnership

Two iconic brands have joined forces to bring an elite personalisation of the Next-Generation Ford Ranger. A strategic collaboration between Ford and ARB has resulted in the best range of accessories available, so you can take your new Ford Ranger to the next level.

The exclusive partnership offers a wide range of accessories that have undergone a rigorous evaluation process by both Ford and ARB engineers to ensure they’re fully compatible with the Next Generation Ford Ranger delivering optimal integration and performance.

The collaboration between Ford and ARB began in early 2019, with ARB and Ford engineers joining forces to design, test, and validate before ultimately manufacturing over 160 Ranger-specific parts.

Ranger Product Offering

Spanning a large array of ARB accessories and parts exclusively designed and engineered for the Next Generation Ford Ranger, you can personalise your Ford Ranger to suit your lifestyle whether you are camping, touring or working.

You can now find a selected range of ARB Next-Generation Ford Ranger accessories at your local Ford dealerships, or the full range at ARB distributors.

Summit Bar MKII

The ARB Summit Bar MKII muscles up with the most innovative and advanced technology yet, all while fully integrating with Ford’s suite of advanced driver assist safety technology that are specific to the Ranger. The state-of-the-art Summit Bar MKII takes key components of its flagship namesake and kicks it up a notch with an ultra-modern design that’s sure to turn heads.


Summit Sahara Bar MKII

Boasting many of the features of the Summit Bar MKII, the ARB Summit Sahara Bar MKII offers a sleek yet rigid styling without sacrificing practicality. The Sahara rendition also features either a polished alloy tube or a matt black tube kit with an LED light bar recessed into the top hoop further underlining ARB’s commitment to fabrication excellence.


Commercial Bar

Incorporating many of the strength related features of the Summit Bar MKII, the ARB Commercial Bar provides considerable frontal protection, while leaving out some of the more premium characteristics to create a cost effective alternative.


ARB SpartanBar

Using an impact absorbing, resilient and incredibly durable polyethylene material, the SpartanBar leads with cutting-edge design and engineering which creates a bull bar that offers unsurpassed levels of safety for both driver and pedestrian.


ARB StealthBar

The StealthBar bull bar provides unparalleled vehicle protection and a tough aesthetic appearance, at approximately 30% less weight than an ARB SpartanBar. Designed using the same cutting-edge polyethylene material and manufacturing process, these bars are now the only bull bar approved for use in Europe.

ARB Under Vehicle Protection (UVP)

Providing an unrivaled safeguard for the underside of your vehicle, ARB’s Under Vehicle Protection (UVP) is laser cut, press formed and folded to provide superior strength. Designed to the specifications of the Next Generation Ford Ranger, it minimises the risk of damage to most vital components of the vehicle drivetrain.


ARB Under Vehicle Armour (UVA)

When traveling off road, the underbody of your 4WD is one of the areas most susceptible to damage. Made in Australia from durable and impact resistant crosslinked polymer, ARB’s Under Vehicle Armour (UVA) weighs significantly less than any aftermarket alternatives, gives greater coverage, is easy to install and remove for vehicle servicing and is compatible with the OE bumper, ARB Bull Bars, and the ARB Forged Recovery Points.

Rear Step Tow Bar

To complement the Next Generation Ford Ranger, an ARB Rear Step Tow Bar has been developed to work with the original equipment lower tub step and provides valuable rear protection. Optional lower tub protection and rear 8T rated recovery points have been developed to ensure the Rear Step Tow Bar offers the ultimate protection and practicality without compromising style.

Summit Side Rails and Steps

ARB side protection equipment acts as a shield for your vehicle’s vulnerable side panels, protecting them from rocks and road debris frequently encountered during remote area travel. For customers without an ARB front bar or who simply don’t require a front rail, a return has been developed to enable fitment of a protection step only.

Forged Recovery Points (Front + Rear)

Developed to fit the Next Generation Ford Ranger with UVP, UVA or OE protection, each of ARB’s Forged Recovery Points is rated at 8,000kg up to the maximum turn angle of the front wheels. Both left- and right-hand Forged Recovery Points have been developed to allow for different setups of recovery equipment to suit each individual situation. As each point is rated at 8T, the use of bridle straps is not required.


The Ascent Canopy is ARB’s feature-packed flagship Canopy, offering the highest level of usability and vehicle integration in an ultra-premium design. With a raft of standard features including fully integrated central locking and push-button window switches, the Ascent is the solution for those who live an active lifestyle and want their Next Generation Ranger to look just as good off road as it does in the parking lot.


Classic Plus

Building on the proven design of the Classic canopy, the Classic Plus Canopy integrates a single, centralised, electronic handle rear door which incorporates keyless entry and ‘slam shut’ style operation. The Classic Plus canopy maintains the popular Classic shell, available in a smooth finish and embodying the proven design and engineering of the Ascent Canopy’s central locking system for the Next Generation Ranger.



ARB’s Classic Canopy has stood the test of time, offering unrivaled quality, practicality and affordability. With the option of a smooth or textured exterior, an ARB Classic Canopy is the perfect solution to increase the protected storage space of your utility vehicle. With a range of accessories available, including Canopy mounted roof bars and racks, the Classic Canopy has been tailored to suit the Next Generation Ford Ranger.



The ARB Sportlid is a great option when it comes to enhancing the sporty styling of the Next Generation Ford Ranger, while offering secure and weatherproof storage for gear, with superior protection against dust ingress, as well as functional load carrying capacity on the top.


Tailgate Assist

The perfect solution to the struggle of lowering and raising the Next Generation Ford Ranger’s heavy tailgate, ARB’s Tailgate Assist safely controls the opening speed and reduces the effort required to close while enabling simple, one-handed operation.


Whether it’s extended trips, off road 4WDing or tackling terrain, Old Man Emu BP-51 shock absorbers by ARB provide unrivaled performance, setting the benchmark for all driving conditions, thanks to its fully adjustable internal bypass system. The result is the holy grail of suspension performance: the ultimate comfort at ride height and control when you need it.


Nitrocharger Sport

Old Man Emu’s world-renowned Nitrocharger Sport shock absorber has stood the test of time, constantly standing up to the conditions and demands of vehicle owners. The Nitrocharger Sport range utilises significant advances in key componentry and the latest in valving technology to provide tremendous improvements in ride, comfort and handling over all terrains.


GVM Upgrade

Whether you’re carrying tools of the trade or packing up the 4WD for a year-long trip, your Next Generation Ford Ranger can exceed the original GVM. Old Man Emu is pleased to have development underway for GVM upgrades, more details expected to be available in the upcoming months.

Drawers Side Floor and Install Kit

With the creation of tailor-made trim panels, ARB have set the perfect aperture for the deployment of a fully integrated drawer suite to fit seamlessly into the Next Generation Ford Ranger. For added practicality, ARB has incorporated accessory switch bezel cut outs, ideal for use with additional install kits, all while allowing for fitment with or without the tub liner.

Slide Kitchen Fit Kit

Whether at the campsite, the local park, the job site, or even the side of the road, enjoy the ease of a fully-functioning kitchen in your Next Generation Ford Ranger, wherever you and your 4WD are headed.


Ultra sleek, boasting a super low mounting profile and lightweight design, the BASE Rack provides unmatched simplicity, flexibility and personalisation for the Next Generation Ford Ranger with a range of accessories for full customisation.

Wiring Loom (Ranger-specific SOLIS driving light harness)

For the Next Generation Ford Ranger, ARB have designed a plug-and-play wiring harness to connect into ARB Solis and Intensity driving lights, offering seamless integration into the ARB and SmartBar bullbar and electrical system.


Wiring Loom (Ranger-specific non-ARB driving light harness)
Ranger-specific wiring loom to suit most popular driving lights

ARB has created a universal plug-and-play driving light harness that provides a clean high beam signal output for the Next Generation Ford Ranger that suits most popular driving lights on the market.


LINX A-Pillar Bracket

To complement ARB’s LINX Vehicle Accessory Interface, the LINX A-Pillar bracket mounts the LINX display screen in a safe and easy to reach location specific to the Next Generation Ford Ranger. Utilising the LINX mount, the display can be orientated to the desired position so each time the display is returned to the vehicle it’s always in the optimal position.

Air Lockers (F + R)

ARB Air Locker locking differentials allow you to tackle the toughest terrain with confidence. As the world’s premium selectable locker, and the locker of choice for grueling four-wheel drivers and rock racers throughout the world, ARB Air Lockers will keep you moving regardless of the conditions. ARB Air Locking differentials directly replace the electric locking system in the front or rear differentials of the Next Generation Ford Ranger. 


Twin Air Compressor Kit*

ARB has introduced an engineered bracket system to smoothly integrate an ARB compressor without compromising on space. Designed to be discreetly mounted in the right rear fender of the Next Generation Ford Ranger, the ARB Twin Air Compressor Kit allows for the entire tub to remain free for drawers or other accessories.

*Single coming soon

Safari V-Spec Snorkel

Utilising Safari‘s traditional design concepts and incorporating the very latest in scanning and CAD design software, Safari‘s V-Spec Snorkel for the Next Generation Ford Ranger is ready to perform in the most extreme environments, protecting the vehicles engine against water, dust, and snow ingress while delivering cool, clean air to the vehicles engine.

Auxiliary Battery Kit

Offering an independent power source for items such as fridges and camp lights, as well as providing added power when winching, an auxiliary battery system also offers peace of mind in the event of a main battery failure. The Ford Ranger kit is supplied with a battery tray and mounting hardware, plug-and-play wiring loom and a REDARC BCDC charger.

Frontier Long Range Diesel Tank

Made in Australia from durable and impact resistant polymer (crosslink) material that’s designed to flex with the vehicle’s chassis, the ARB Frontier long-range diesel tank allows a significant upgrade to the Next Generation Ford Ranger OE fuel tank allowing 140 litres to be carried.

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