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Whether you’re on your daily route or offroad, having the right frontal protection for your 4WD is essential. Don’t compromise. SmartBar’s tough, lightweight and durable bull bar design delivers the highest level of safety without the weight of regular metal bars. This is thanks to the bend and flex design, which allows our bull bars to absorb an impact and bounce back to shape to help increase the lifespan of your bar and keep you on course.

  • nissan navara with plastic bullbar on a farm
  • mazda bt-50 with plastic bullabr
  • mitsubishi triton with plastic bullbar

Airbag Compatible

  • Vehicle’s frontal crush characteristics are factored into the design of each airbag compatible SmartBar. This is to reduce the impact on the SRS airbag triggering systems and help keep you safe.

Safer than steel bull bars

  • The hollow, roto-moulded construction means that SmartBars are proven to be less likely to cause serious damage to your vehicle. The lightweight construction also means less tyre wear and fuel consumption.

Winch compatible

  • Winch compatible Smartbars are all designed to easily handle winch strain. Depending on the model and requirements, our brackets will be certified for loads up to 12,000lbs.

Minimal Repair Costs

  • Safety testing indicates that Smartbars are more absorbent and flexible to help keep your vehicle, its occupants and pedestrians safe.

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