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Bushranger Nighthawk

Driving Lights

Bushranger Nighthawk

Of course, four-wheeling adventures don’t need to stop as the sky begins to fade and dusk sets in; when the day is transforming to night, a whole new 4×4 experience is about to begin! To keep the adventure rolling well into the late-night hours, ARB stock a range of Bushranger lights to guide the way throughout your next nighttime escapade!

The bold, modern aesthetic incorporates clever cooling ducts which channel cool air directly over the heatsink to greatly increase the heat dissipation of the LED’s. The Advanced Temperature Control System takes advantage of the superior cooling design to run the LED’s at their maximum potential by monitoring and adjusting the output according to the environment.



Designed to maximise performance, looks and usability, the Bushranger NightHawk LED VLI Series driving light conquers darkness with 37 OSRAM LEDs offering a high output of 175W and 10,800 effective lumens per light.

Users have complete control of the light intensity through a brightness control function controlled by a relay-free VLIC Series wiring system. Two included clip-on protective covers allow for quick changes between beam patterns; a spot cover for a clear spot beam pattern to reach far distances, as well as a flood beam cover for illuminating surroundings across shorter distances.


Designed for efficient performance whilst keeping power draw low, the NightHawk LED driving light is powered by OSRAM LED’s offering an 48W output and 4320 lumens. They feature a die-cast aluminium body with a durable UV powder coated finish and are available in both spot and flood variations.

Spot beams have a focused beam pattern, which is ideal for highway driving, whilst the flood beams are suitable for all types of driving, providing a wide beam that allows for all terrain and moving hazards to be visible.

Pair both the spot and flood beams to create a comprehensive light package.


Bushranger NightHawk LED Light Bar has been designed and developed for maximum light dispersion, and users now have complete control of the light intensity through a brightness function controlled by a relay-free VLIC Series wiring system.

Create your own beam pattern – Each 13-51 inch light bar can be set up for full spot, full flood or any combo in between. Mixing and matching the covers supplied gives you full versatility. The 5.5 inch light bar is a complete work light – with flood and diffused covers included as standard.

Perfect for on road driving, where the long distance light can increase reaction time and ensure safe braking distances whilst the wide beam is great for off-roading, where it angles light in all directions, allowing for all terrain to be visible.


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