Canopies & Ute Lids


The Sportlid although seemingly similar at a glance to previous models, it has a number of new and improved features ahead of competitor offerings and the previous models; Sportlid I, Sportlid II and Sportlid for TANGO. Sportlid keeps your cargo secure and dry under a stylish, tough and durable cover.

With its wrap-around design, manufactured from impact resistant ABS plastic over an aluminium frame, this Sportlid is the ultimate in style, safety and protection. Remove the Sportlid in seconds with a quick Sport Release System, for when you need the extra space for your lifestyle.

New double side latching system rather than the single center latch, the double side latches are more secure and makes it easier to slide items into the tray unhindered.


  • Sport Release Technology: Fast, tool free lid removal for ease of transporting large items.
  • Lightweight construction makes handling easy.
  • Gear can remain fixed to top of Sportlid when opening.
  • Easy to use handle with single motion opening action.
  • Single piece lid design compatible with or without a sports bar.
  • Upgrade at any time to enjoy the benefits of the electronic kit with a simple universal fitting kit.
  • Non-drill fitment method preserves the integrity of the vehicle and makes installation quick and easy.

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