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Canopies & Ute Lids

Ute Liners


With model specific moulding, anti-slip floor and five piece design, ARB Sportguard is a premium ute liner to protect your vehicle tray. The multi-piece tub liner minimises wasted load space and simply snaps together with no drilling required, while retaining factory load tie down points. An integrated gutter channel directs water to the rear tailgate area, where it can easily drain away.

Sportguard is compatible with ARB ute lids, OE sportbars and ARB canopies (some modifications required).


  • Anti-slip floor
  • Five-piece design for simple installation
  • Multi-fitment options
  • Vehicle tie-down points retained
  • Contoured design maximises tub space
  • Strong, durable materials


The ARB Ute Liner is an essential piece of protection for the tub of your vehicle. Made from impact-resistant UV stable Polyethylene to protect your tub from the hard wear and tear of everyday use.


  • Impact resistant and UV stable Polyethylene material
  • Vacuum formed to meet the internal shape of the vehicle tub
  • Texture finish to enhance the image of your vehicle
  • Aluminium finishing piece to retain the bed liner base
  • Two can holders moulded into the tailgate protector
  • Anti-wrap support channel for the liner front lip
  • Covered by 3 year warranty
  • close up image of ute liner
  • render image of ute
  • rear angle of blue ute
  • white ford ranger ute
  • ute liner

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