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Warranty Policy

1. Warranty
1.1 Subject to the terms of this warranty, Beaut Utes warrants for the benefit of the Original Purchaser that the Products will be free from defects in workmanship and materials for the Warranty Period.
1.2 Subject to clause 1.3, Beaut Utes obligation under this warranty is limited to:
(a) Replacing or repairing the Product or the defective part of the Product free of charge; or
(b) Causing the Product or the defective part of the Product to be repaired or replaced by a qualified repairer free of charge.
1.3 Beaut Utes reserves the right to replace defective parts of the Product with parts and components of similar quality, grade or composition where an identical part or component is not available.

2. Claim Procedure
2.1 If the Original Purchaser wishes to make a claim under this warranty (“Claim”) then the following procedure must be followed:
(a) The Claim must be made in writing;
(b) the Product must be:
(i) returned to the nearest Beaut Utes branch; or
(ii) an appointment made at the nearest Beaut Utes branch for the vehicle fitted with the Product to be inspected.
(c) evidence of purchase of the Product by the Original Purchaser must accompany the Product or be presented at the appointment.

3. Refusal of Claims
3.1 This clause 3 is not to be read as preventing Beaut Utes from declining a Claim where the Claim is not excluded by the grounds set out in clauses 3.2 and 3.3.
3.2 Beaut Utes will not accept a Claim:
(a) If it is made by a person who is not the Original Purchaser;
(b) Where Beaut Utes determines that the Product has been installed in a vehicle which has been used wholly or partly for business purposes, if the Claim is made later than 1 year after the date on which the Product was purchased by the Original Purchaser;
(c) Where clause 3.2(b) does not apply, the Claim is made later than the number of years specified in the below list after the date of purchase of the Product by the Original Purchaser:

  • Bedliners: 5 years
  • Canopies: 5 years
  • Sportguard: 5 years
  • Sportlid V: 5 years
  • Bedrock floor liners: Lifetime
  • Decked: 3 years
  • Rhino Rack: 3 years
  • Service Bodies: 3 years
  • Carryboy Canopies: 3 years
  • Decks: 3 years
  • BUL lid: 3 years
  • Towbars: 3 years
  • Nudge Bars: 3 years
  • Roll N Lock: 3 years
  • Winches: 3 years
  • Any other Product not listed above: 1 year

(d) Where Beaut Utes determines that the alleged defect has been caused or contributed to by any one or more of the following:
(i) the Product has not been fitted in accordance with the Product Information;
(ii) the Product has been installed or fitted using parts and accessories not recommended for the Product;
(iii) normal care, maintenance or servicing of the Product (including any required by the Product Information) has not been carried out;
(iv) the Product has been used for an unintended purpose or for which it was not designed or in a manner prohibited by the Product Information;
(v) the Product has been loaded with weight in excess of the limits specified in the Product Information or has otherwise been subject to abnormal conditions including, without limitation, temperature, pressure, stress or load conditions;
(vi) improper transportation, storage or any other abuse, misuse, neglect or accident relating to the Product;
(vii) improper modification or repair;
(viii) the defect in the Product notified by the claimant cannot be established by Beaut Utes;
(ix) racing or competition use;
3.3 Beaut Utes will not be liable for:
(a) fair wear and tear or incidental or inconsequential damage to a Product or any expendable parts of a Product; or
(b) any damage to any part of the vehicle in respect of which a Product is installed.

4. General
4.1 This warranty is not for the benefit of any person other than the Original Purchaser and cannot be transferred or assigned to, or otherwise made available for the benefit of, any other person.
4.2 Nothing in this warranty policy is intended to:
(a) exclude or limit the liability of Beaut Utes in relation to the Products or services purchased from it which, by law, Beaut Utes is not entitled to exclude or limit; or
(b) exhaustively list the grounds upon which Beaut Utes may refuse a claim in relation to the Products.
4.3 In this warranty, unless the context otherwise requires:
(a) “Original Purchaser” means a person who purchased the Product from either:
(i) Beaut Utes (not being a dealer customer of Beaut Utes); or
(ii) a dealer to whom the Product was sold by Beaut Utes.
(b) “Product” means a product sold by Beaut Utes;
(c) “Product Information” means information about a Product which may be contained in documentation (if any) provided at the time the Product was sold including, without limitation, labels attached to the Product, owner’s manual, operating manual, service manual or the manufacturers manual.
(d) “Warranty Period”, in respect of a Product, means the applicable warranty period as determined pursuant to clause 3.2(b) and (c).

5-year warranty applies to product purchased from 1st August 2019