New Product: DECKED

Beaut Utes is always on the lookout for exciting new products to introduce to the New Zealand Ute market. They are on to a winner with the DECKED in-vehicle storage system. Founded and made in the USA, DECKED is a truck bed storage system which raises the surface of your deck. By doing this it creates extra waterproof storage space underneath the deck for things like your tools. The storage space keeps your stuff out of the way while, at the same time, protecting them from severe weather. Of course, the newly raised deck space can still be used as a normal truck bed (which can withhold a 1 tonne load capacity!).

DECKED has been extremely successful in the American market for a few years now but has not been available for mid-size ute models such as the Ford Ranger and Toyota Hilux until now, and Beaut Utes are very excited to have the opportunity to introduce it to the New Zealand market.
What makes DECKED different from other drawer systems is the fact that it is:
Fully waterproof. Most other drawer systems require a canopy or hard lid to keep your equipment dry from the rain.
It can carry up to 1 tonne on top (can easily carry the weight of a quad bike).
DECKED weighs less than 100kgs, so barely restricts payload.

DECKED has two massive, secure, and weatherproof full bed-length drawers for organizing and storing. Each drawer has a 90kg load threshold, and even at full capacity sliding them in and out is effortless. The drawers roll on 4 over-sized, sealed-bearing wheels riding in dedicated channels. Each drawer can be customized to accommodate your needs by adding trays and dividers. Other extras include locks to secure expensive tools and other essentials, Core Trax 1000 tie downs to secure bulky loads to your deck, and multiple trays and dividers for full customisation.

DECKED will be available at Beaut Utes from mid-February.