Canopy Buying Guide

A Canopy is a fantastic way to take your ute to the next level, and Beaut Utes has a wide range of canopies to help you achieve this.

Whether it’s for work or play (or both), a canopy will give you three main benefits – extra space, security and weather protection. This is only just scraping the surface so before deciding, you should ask yourself the following questions.

What am I wanting to achieve?

If you are simply wanting extra space, security and dry gear, the Classic Canopy will tick these 3 boxes. It is our most customisable canopy with multiple options/ extras available such as lifting or sliding side windows, vent options and security/dog mesh. The Classic Canopy will suit anyone from a tradie to a weekend warrior.

Classic Canopy from Beaut Utes on a Holden Colorado

Pictured: Classic Canopy

If your vehicle is solely a work vehicle, the B.T.C Canopy is the one for you. It has the largest side opening windows out of our canopy range making access into the canopy a breeze. Integrated roof rack tracks on top make installing roof racks faster and cheaper and has a higher roofline for maximising space.

BTC Trade canopy on a Ford Ranger

Pictured: BTC Canopy

Central locking?

Central locking canopies are becoming extremely popular in the ute accessory market. This is where the Ascent Canopy steps up from the competition. The standout feature of the Ascent Canopy is the fully integrated remote central locking system. Using the factory key remote, owners can lock and unlock the canopy as they would the vehicle itself.
In addition to central locking, all doors and windows feature slam shut closing. Easy to activate push buttons allow one-handed opening on side windows and rear door. 

Ascent Canopy on Mitsubishi Triton

Pictured: Ascent Canopy

The fourth and newest canopy in our range in the Classic Plus Canopy. Building on the proven design of the Classic Canopy, the Classic Plus canopy adopts a single, centralised, electronic door handle which incorporated central locking from your factory remote, much like the Ascent canopy rear door. Price wise, the Classic Plus canopy sits in between the Classic Canopy and Ascent Canopy. This canopy is a great option for those who want sliding side windows as well as central locking.

 Classic Plus canopy on VW amarok

Pictured: Classic Plus Canopy

Whether its work or play – Beaut Utes has the canopy for you.