Beaut Utes Sportlid for Tango is the next generation of Sportlids

Whether your preferred sport is cycling, skiing, wakeboarding or bowling, you’re going to need a lid to cover and protect your precious sports gear on the back of your ute.

New Zealand owned and operated utility accessory company Beaut Utes provides all the accessories a utility owner could need, including the sport lid for the new generation, the Sportlid for Tango.

“This is the latest, greatest sportlid there is,” says Laura Mason of Beaut Utes.  “It’s the latest generation and basically it does everything.”

The Sportlid for Tango features incorporated roof rack tracks, central locking, interior lighting and the capacity to carry loads both under and on top of the lid.

“You can get it as a plain, single piece lid, you can attach sport bars onto it, you can put roofracks on it and you can load up those roofracks with whatever you like,” says Ms Mason.  “As an added benefit, it secures your tailgate when the lid is closed.”

Beaut Utes believes utility accessories should not only be functional but can also enhance the look and beauty of your vehicle.  Sportlid for Tango comes in a black, textured finish or a smooth finish or you can choose to colour-match it to your ute.

Sportlid for Tango is made from a combination of ABS plastic and aluminum, providing a lightweight yet durable, impact-resistant lid.

“One of the coolest things about the Sportlid for Tango,” says Ms Mason, "is the unique hinge system which makes it easy to open the lid and access cargo from the sides or back of the ute, even while you’ve got a sports bar or bike on top of it.”

Beaut Utes is 100 percent New Zealand owned and operated, with branches in Hamilton, Auckland and Christchurch.