Beaut Utes is pleased to announce the arrival of its new Dog Pods

For all you dog lovers out there, Beaut Utes is pleased to announce the arrival our new Dog Pods.


We supply dog pods to New Zealand government services such as - Aviation Security, Corrections, NZ Police, Customs and Defence Force. These dog units are now available to you!


We have a wide range of options available. Single or double pod units, aluminium or fibreglass, the options are endless.


We also offer add on products that will make life much easier for you and your dog. Our recreational dog unit includes:

  • Beaut Utes Classic Canopy with sliding side windows
  • Pop up air vent - allows airflow and also depressurises the canopy to reduce dust influx
  • Sliding window security mesh or insect mesh
  • Tailgate safety flap - to ensure dog paws wont get stuck
  • Tailgate non-slip spray


We are happy to supply fully enclosed dog cages for commercial use. If interested, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.