Are Utes getting too big?

In America, pick up trucks are huge, not just in sales volume but in pure size. Are they trying to make up for some inadequacies? Who knows, but everything is big over there, the roads, the stuff they tow and based on the US health and obesity statistics, the people too. Is this where things are heading in NZ? Probably not, but our utes are getting bigger.

For those of you old enough to remember, Barry Crump didn’t need a step ladder to get into his Hilux (Scotty may have), nor did his missus need to climb up into the wellside to retrieve the groceries. Fast forward 30 years and things have changed quite dramatically. It began with the launch of the Volkswagen Amarok in 2011, the height of the wellside was significantly higher off the ground and deeper to the tray floor than other brands in the market. This made accessibility to the tray more difficult, you could put a canopy with side lifting windows on the back that would never be opened and unless you had an NBA contract they were unusable. This trend continued with the launch soon after of the Ford Ranger and Mazda BT50 and has continued until now.

Beaut Utes helped the accessibility with their BTC canopy and Sportguard Liner. The canopy was designed to have larger side opening windows and the bottom lip was closer to the edge of the wellside meaning less reaching into the side. The Sportguard liner helped by eliminating movement of any goods placed in the back with its unique design and non-slip, “rubberised” base.

The next product to assist with the height issue was a slide floor, a low profile sliding table that fits seamlessly into the wellside meaning access to the very front of the tray can be gained from the very back of the ute. It also has a moveable tie point system meaning securing loads is quick and easy and a 350kg load capacity.

But the ultimate solution for accessibility is the Service Body. A fully integrated box unit, maximising the storage for your ute. The huge gullwing sides mean once open the base of the tray is fully accessible, no more leaning over the ute, scratching paint or hurting your back, the stuff is right there! It is also fully central locked off your key FOB, has a lined interior, is low line (so no more guessing in car parks or if you are feeling patriotic and need to go in the McDonalds drive-through), has slam shut doors, and has vehicle-specific skirts, meaning it looks like it is meant to fit on your ute, plus if you decide to swap brands for the next ute, just order a new skirt kit and swap the service body over, simple!

For all of these options on saving your back, your wallet and yourself from a tall ute, check out You can even build your dream ute with their awesome 3D builder.