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Proud Kiwis

We’re about getting the job done right, with the best accessories for you. Accessories that are built for a purpose, and look sweet at the same time.

Made Better

That lid, canopy or deck isn’t just an accessory to us, it’s our signature. It represents who we are, so we’re bloody fussy people. Nothing leaves our factories that’s not 100%. If it’s not perfectly designed, expertly made using the best materials and built to go the distance, you won’t see us selling it or fitting it to your ute.

Made Smarter

We’re not content with our 4x4 accessories being the best in New Zealand. We want you to have the best in the world. Ones that help you work better and make your life easier. Only then do we make sure that they’ll not only look great but you can get them for a great price.

Purpose Built

They’re practical, necessary upgrades for any ute. They are designed to serve a purpose; they make make you and your ute smarter.